Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello Family & Friends! It's been quite a week! There's a lot going on at the church where I attend and also work as well as with my own family. Dad is back in the hospital and my brother, Herk-as we call him-is in the hospital as well. I was able to go to Garland and see Herk and also my other brother Eddie and sister-in-law, Karen. Herk looked good. He was truly bored! When I arrived at the hospital he met me outside to bring me up to his room! He said it was a little tricky to find so he would meet me downstairs. He was fully dressed and waiting for me at the sidewalk outside the hospital. I think if I had given him half the chance he would have left with me! His infected arm looks much better. The doctors feel like he is improving but he will probably be there until Sunday.

As ya'll in Alabama know, dad is back in ICU but doing much better. It has been such a roller coaster since dad had his cancer treatment! I am anxious to see all of ya'll again. Thanks mom, Barbara, Nicki, Laura Leigh, David and all the family for helping to take care of my dad. Mom-TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, TOO!

At our house Ben and Jason have been sick with lots of congestion, some fever and sore throat, and lots and lots of drainage. They are both on antibiotics. Heather started getting sick yesterday. She and Lee and Gabriel all spent the night last night. There power went out at their house. Since we've had the most amount of snow ever, there have been lots of power outages-limbs breaking, etc.

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